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5 Fun Lunch Break Ideas

As we are all working from home, we know that the work day can get repetitive and our lunch breaks, evenings and sometimes weekends can also start to feel a bit boring. So, I decided to have a bit of fun with today’s post and hopefully you’ll leave this blogpost excited and armed with ideas to make the most of your next lunch break! 

Here are 5 ideas for injecting a bit more fun into your lunch break:

1. Dress Up

I know, this sounds a bit silly but even as someone who isn’t a fashionista, I do miss dressing up beyond my usual combination of joggers and sweater or at most, joggers and a formal top. Can anyone else relate?

I would suggest putting on some nice clothes, have fun putting together different pieces and then taking some cute pictures. You can have a full-blown at-home photoshoot if you’d like. As I don’t know about you but I certainly do not want all my ‘fancy’ clothes to go to waste!

2. Re-create some of your favourite memories

This can definitely differ for everyone but if you put in the effort, it can be very rewarding and getting ready to recreate this memory for a few minutes each lunchtime can help add some excitement to your daily routine. 

I love (or should I say used to love) going to the cinema because for me, it was an ideal and easy way to escape. No phone, some good food, a friend (or a couple) and of course, a captivating story in the form of a film. So, recently, my friend and I decided to recreate our cinema visits at home. We set a time that we would start watching a movie together (virtually of course), get our staple snacks (sweet & salty popcorn for me and a pack of sensations for her) and enjoy our movie. I ensured the same amount of escapism by blocking out my phone during this time and instead we concentrated on the film and drew social commentary from Nigerian comedy. It’s possible!

3. Re-decorate your space, bit by bit

Especially as we are spending more time indoors, it can be helpful to rearrange your environment. I’d recommend spreading this out over one or two weeks so that each lunchtime, you could spend 15-30 minutes redecorating or cleaning out or rearranging a new spot.

4. Work on a new project, completely for fun

It’ll be even better if you can take the focus away from the output and instead, concentrate on the input. Too often these days, we put emphasis on how our products or skills are received, the impact we’re making or the results we’re producing. Whilst all of these things are important, it’s also vital to do something just for fun. Paint that new image, enjoy the process and don’t worry about a single pair of eyes seeing it. If you can’t think of a project, maybe try a new challenge that you can look forward to each lunchtime.

5. Cook or bake something new

I love deserts so for me, trying to bake a new sweet treat that I’ve never tried before is always a good time. If you enjoy baking, I’d recommend anything by Nadiya Hussain and if you prefer to cook, why not ask a friend for one of their favourite meal recipes and have a go at recreating it!

It can be tempting to spend our full lunch break on our phones or even reading a book but switching up your routine is a great way to some variety and prevent our actions from becoming repetitive or the dreaded: boring. 

Remember to have fun!

Written by Kofo
Kofo is a gap year student and tutor, one of her goal is to develop her writing/publishing skills. Kofo loves to read and write, taste desserts and encourage other young people to dream (cheesy, I know!). Kofo will be writing on topics including academic and personal growth and of course, reviewing the best books in town!

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