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5 Ways to Improve Your CV Over Summer

It’s summer, school’s over and you might be wondering how you can enjoy your summer, whether it’s trying new things or the 3-hour mindless scrolls. (It’s ok, we’ve all been there) This post is to remind you to intentionally use your time this summer and give you some ideas of fun and enriching ways to enhance your CV.

Looking back at my sixth-form experience, some of my fondest memories (apart from frolicking with friends in the study centre- although, we always got our work done!) were experiences which allowed me to explore my other interests and although I didn’t know it, these experiences taught me skills which enhanced my development as a person.

So, here are some things you can do to have fun, make new memories all whilst improving your CV. You in? Let’s go!

Do a competition or take part in a local project. If you enjoy exercising your competitive streak or want to challenge yourself in a new way, taking part in a competition is a fantastic way to do this. You can participate in an academic competition, one that’s skills based or relating to art, sport or music. A lot of local councils will have a database of what’s going on locally so this is a good place to start looking for some opportunities. Equally, if you want to try out a History essay competition for example, then have a look online for some live opportunities. Regardless of the outcome, the process of taking part in a competition will equip you with new skills and lessons which can enhance your CV.

Take a new course or learn a new skill. There are so many resources available online now if you want to learn a new skill- and it doesn’t have to be something academic or career related. You can try out new recipes if you want to get better at cooking before going to university or practice playing a new instrument with the help of YouTube tutorials or if you’re interested in filmmaking, learn how to edit using a new software. Some of these competencies are specific skills which can help you later on in life but even if not, you’ve added one more thing to your portfolio.

Work or volunteer if you can. For a lot of students, the term time is extremely busy and there might not be enough time to do everything you’d like to. If you want to volunteer for a specific cause or raise money for an organisation, the summer time is an ideal opportunity to do so. Likewise, if you’ll be starting university in September or want to save up some money before the next term then you can apply for some part-time jobs, get some work and new experience under your belt.

Start your own project. Can’t find any work or work experience that suits you? Start your own! You can start a new project with your friends or start offering a service or launch a product

Re-read your CV, edit it and then get it reviewed. I know you didn’t see that one coming but one of the best ways to level up your CV is to improve the existing one. Especially if you’ve done all these amazing things over the summer, you want to ensure that you’ve updated your CV and explained what you’ve learnt from your experiences. Adding in specific details like statistics, examples or quotes from a team leader to quantify your achievements is a good way of explaining the impact you’ve had. However, it can be hard to spot mistakes in your own work so get a friend or someone you trust to read over your CV and provide you with some feedback.

These tips are simply a launchpad for you to design a summer which works for you. Overall, remember to relax, have fun and do your bit to prepare for what comes next. If you’ve enjoyed this post then do let me know in the comments: what are you planning for this summer?

Wriiten by Kofo
Kofo is a gap year student who loves to write about personal, academic and professional development. In her spare time, she loves to read fiction, eat ice-cream and watch dance videos. On the thinkHER blogs, Kofo will be writing on topics including personal growth and reviewing her favourite books to help you on your continuous growth journey.

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