The What, The How, and The Why

We aim to transform lives by closing knowledge gaps, raising aspirations and equipping the thinkHER tribe with the tools that they need to turn their dreams in to a reality.


thinkHER ambition is a training and skills development social enterprise that specialises in upskilling young women aged between 14-21 to create the next generation of female leaders.

Launched in 2018, we have impacted the lives of over 2,000 young females to-date around the U.K. by developing their skill sets, enhancing their career knowledge, connecting them to life-changing opportunities and building their networks.

We focus on developing soft, technical and career-specific skills through our programmes, workshops and events.

We have partnered and been sponsored by a range of Fortune 500 companies and have developed Corporate Programmes that build the talent pipeline. We also have built successful relationships with schools around the United Kingdom.

Our Journey

  • 2018: Launch

    We launched with our first summit #MyFutureCounts that brought together 120 young women from across England, for a day of interactive workshops, skills development and networking
  • 2018: Building

    Built relationships with 10 schools around London and partnered with 6 Corporate Organisations that led to the evolution of our insight series
  • 2019: Growth

    Officially became a Google Partner, impacted the lives of over 700 young females and crowdfunded over £5,000
  • 2019: New Beginnings

    Launched The InspireMe Mentoring Programme together with Unilever and collaborated with Facebook
  • 2020: Retrospective

    Created the ImpactHER Report to track the ongoing impact delivered by thinkHER ambition
  • 2020: Expanding

    Launched the Start Your Career Right Programme and the HERWebinar Series

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