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Networking for the Terrified with Lola Olaore

About Lola Olaore As women, we don’t talk about accomplishments enough. That is why Josie asks her guests what their biggest accomplishment is. For Lola, her biggest accomplishment is starting thinkHER ambition. Through her work, she impacts young women and supports them to reach their

5 Ways to Improve Your CV Over Summer

It’s summer, school’s over and you might be wondering how you can enjoy your summer, whether it’s trying new things or the 3-hour mindless scrolls. (It’s ok, we’ve all been there) This post is to remind you to intentionally use your time this summer and

How to Get Your Dream Internship

Internships are a vital part of every student’s time at university. Even before university, internships are becoming more and more common. If you are a student, you might want to do an internship to get some relevant work experience or to figure out what you

Let us Start Self-Evaluating In A Healthy Way

Definition: Self-evaluation “Assessing yourself as an individual and keeping a mental note about what parts of yourself you would like to maintain or improve.”  Self-evaluation. This word/phrase has become very popular within the last few months, especially since we have all had some time to

How to Prepare for University over the Summer

Have the finance conversation. For a lot of people, university might be the first time we’re in charge of looking after our finances and spending. The summer before university is a perfect opportunity to start learning increasing your financial awareness. It’s also a great time

What Type of Content Are You Consuming On Social Media?

The advancements in technology within the last few decades have completely revolutionised our world. Now we can speak to friends and family thousands of miles away, watch videos on demand and interact with people that we have never even met before.  Technology also paved the

How To Set Goals You’ll Actually Stick To

If you are a high achiever you probably already have experience with setting personal goals. You may be familiar with setting SMART goals. The strategy of setting SMART goals sounds good. You might have learned about them in school, in a course or workshop. So

How to Live Slowly

I get stressed out very easily. If you are like me, you have tried everything: meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, taking walks, being in nature, etc. Those things do help and I still do at least some of them on a regular basis. But recently, I

How to Deal with Stereotype Threat

Stereotype threat can have detrimental effects on groups that have stereotypes associated with them, for example marginalised groups. It is vital that you learn how to deal with stereotype threat so that you do not fall prey to it. In this post, I will tell