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In February 2020 we decided to hold a hackathon style summit and brought together over 80 young females from around the U.K. together for a day of problem-solving, solution building and pitching. There were 4 groups and 4 challenge statements that focused on product development, digital advertising, developing a business case and community events.

The thinkHER tribe were then split into smaller groups of 4-5 (within their wider group) and had to create an innovative solution to the challenge statement and pitch this solution back to a team of judges. The 4 winning teams then pitched against each other to the full room of attendees, facilitators, volunteers and the thinkHER ambition team.

Exceptional Achievement

  • 70% of attendees said that they felt more confident and empowered after #ChallengeHER
  • 80% said that they would recommend their friends to the next thinkHER ambition event or workshop
  • Students were able to network with representatives from corporate organisations such as ITV and Unilever and now have the confidence to pursue work experience opportunities through their new connections