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Female-led inspirational Instagram accounts to follow

March marked International Women’s Day (IWD), where women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements were celebrated globally. IWD is also an important day to raise awareness about global issues that women face such as gender equality, reproductive rights and violence against women. To commemorate the work of influential women, I will be sharing three top Instagram profiles, all run by amazing women! 


‘Dear Asian Youth’ is a group of Asian young individuals who are striving to uplift marginalised communities through education, activism, and celebration. This group was founded in May 2020 by an incredible  passionate young woman, Stephanie Hu, who initially created the platform to publish her poetry. ‘Dear Asian Youth’ later evolved into a blog dedicated to the Asian narrative, then a literary magazine, then a full-fledged organization with over 100 members on the national team. Functioning remotely, the organisation today is the result of passionate volunteers with a shared purpose. I believe that their UKInstagram profile is very informative; covering a plethora of pertinent topics. Below is one of their posts addressing  racism experienced by East and South East Asian individuals which has, very disturbingly, increased  since the start of the pandemic. Such issues are very important to share in order to raise awareness and to avoid being an unresponsive bystander of  this happening to someone we know! 


Selfcare4yu is a page owned by Lily, who created this page when she was overcoming her social anxiety and found that reading affirmations helped her immensely. She wanted to spread positive messages and affirmations for those who are also struggling with negative thoughts. This page is fantastic and particularly worth a scroll when you feel a bit low. Below are few of my favourite affirmations from this account:  


Sadia Saifuddin shares careers tips in the form of videos in order to demystify the job recruiting process for young professionals. Her videos are short but incredibly informative and covers many topics such as: how to optimise your LinkedIn, how to lead meetings with confidence, how to answer interview questions such as “what are your salary expectations?” – I have attached a screenshot of her Instagram grid below to show the range of videos that she shares! Sadia shares very insightful information with regards to the world of work – you will certainly not regret following this incredible profile! 

Written by Sinem Ishlek 

Sinem is an undergraduate reading Development Studies at SOAS, University of London and enjoys socialising and exploring different cultures through cooking. She mainly writes about personal development and student life, aiming to guide motivated young women. 

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