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For Organisations

The InspireMe programme connects young women aged between 17- 21 from diverse backgrounds to exemplary women in the corporate world. Our programme provides successful women with the opportunity to nurture these young women through mentorship to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Programme Pillars

Knowledge Enhancement

We identify knowledge gaps that mentors and mentees may experience and create robust management plans to educate and equip them


Skills Development

We identify, enhance and develop the skills of our mentors and mentees



We bring together a community of forward thinkers and encourage a shared-learning environment


Talent Recruitment Pipeline

We collaborate with organisations like yours to build a talent recruitment pipeline to fast-track mentees into internships, apprenticeships and work placements


We will work with you to tailor the InspireMe Programme to your organisational needs with consideration towards:

Participant Size

Our InspireMe programme is designed to deliver value for small cohorts as well as larger groups

Learning and Development Frameworks

You can customise our L&D frameworks to suit your organisational needs

Programme Duration

We have flexible programme lengths, offering you the option of 6, 8 or 10 months

Talent and Recruitment Goals

We will help you identify and select future talent that will one day work for you

Programme Materials

We curate materials that help advance our mentors and mentees’ skills

Impact Measurement

We collect and analyse data to show you how our programmes add value to your organisations

Group Sessions

Our programmes have multiple sessions that foster healthy interactions and community engagements

Programme Management & Delivery

We will ensure that programmes are facilitated, managed and delivered to your expectations

Your Needs

We will collaborate with you to design a programme structure that meets the needs of your organisation

Equip With Skills

We will ensure that mentors and mentees develop skills relevant to your needs and the needs of the wider industry 

Talent Placement

We will match your organisation with the right talent that is suitable for your work experience placements, internships and apprenticeships

Programme Impact

Identify, develop and recruit future talent for you

Encourage your employees to get involved in activities that will develop their skill sets

Nurture your employees for the next stage in their careers

Give your organisation a sense of corporate responsibility

Get Involved

Our InspireMe programme helps both mentors and mentees gain more confidence, inspires them to aim higher and also connects them to great opportunities. Do you want to partner with us to build future leaders? Click the button below

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