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ImpactHER Report


thinkHER ambition is judged on a quantitative scale (metrics, measures) and qualitative scale (testimonials, references). Not only does this allow other individuals and organisations to critically evaluate thinkHER ambition, this allows us to reflect on our own performance.

Self-reflection is as important an activity for any organisation as it is for individuals for growth. It helps us contextualise our journey thus far, provides evidence to support our work and reveals the weaknesses in our operations. In turn, this enables us to refocus our goals, readdress our core values and drive forward with new initiatives.

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Our study focuses on Impact Width, the scale on which we are operating at and Impact Depth, the amount of impact we deliver to each thinkHER tribe member. Our study will highlight what we have done so far, how we have done it and what we plan to do in the future.

We begin by looking at the problem statement and then providing our longterm and sustainable solutions. We believe in the importance of ‘early intervention’: providing guidance to young women at an early age to widen their horizons and allow them to make better informed choices through crucial adolescent years and into their adulthood. Our report focuses on statistics, case studies and testimonials from individuals that interact with our organisation.