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My Top Lessons from 2020

It’s that time of the year where resolutions, goals and new habits come into full swing. Some of us might be unsure as to whether we should even bother committing our plans to paper or whether we should go into this New Year simply willing to see how it goes. From the past year, I’ve learnt that a bit of both won’t hurt and I’d love to share some of my top lessons from 2020 with you.


‘Unprecedented’- a word that was thrown around almost every day last year.  I grew to hate this word because I thought it represented my lack of control over the situation and I was right. I couldn’t really control the situation but what I did have agency over was my response, what I did, the measures I put in place to look after myself and to check up on those around me. Whether it was adapting to online school or working from home, all of us had to get used to new habits and conditions in 2020. It may have been an uncomfortable change or you may have discovered something new about yourself. Regardless, it’s important to acknowledge what this teaches us about life: change is inevitable. As someone who loves neatly curated timetables, to-do lists and action plans, any sort of change or disruption brings challenges with it.  However, sometimes, all we need to do is acknowledge the change and process what this means for you, embrace the unexpected or simply acknowledge the shift. 

Health, holistically

In 2020, I rediscovered the meaning of ‘healthy’ for myself. Learning that exercise and intentional movement is not simply a means to change my body but to take care of it. This year, I learnt to ask myself: ‘what would make me smile on the inside right now?’ (It seems like a weird question but try it, you might be surprised!) I learnt that sometimes deleting Instagram for a while or limiting the amount of news I consumed was what I needed to feel less overwhelmed. I learnt to look after my spiritual health more and to value the things that brought me joy and peace. It can be easy to view ‘self-care’ as some airy fairy concept or something that should only be at the bottom of our to-do list. However, looking after ourselves should always be a priority.


‘Living in uncertainty means that we are in the realm of possibility.’ For me, being on a gap year and not being certain as to what the next few months would hold was, and still can be a scary thought. However, I came across this quote last year and ever since, I’ve tried to reframe how I think about uncertainty. There’s no doubt it can be scary but it could also make us excited about the future. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing in 3 months, but at the same time, I could be doing something I’d never imagined by then. I could be somewhere I never thought I’d get to. Allow yourself to anticipate new possibilities and focus on improving yourself, your character, your habits one step at a time.

Happy New Year everyone!

Written by Kofo

Kofo is a gap year student and tutor, looking to gain experience in writing/publishing.
she loves to read and write, taste desserts and encourage other young people to dream (cheesy, I know!).
Kofo will be writing on topics including academic and personal growth and of course, reviewing the best books in town!

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