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Our Story

What We Do

  • 2021: Opportunity

    We launched the HER ambition Podcast and entered the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition, where we finished 8th out of 25 participants 

  • 2020: Expanding

    We introduced the Start Your Career Right Programme and the HERWebinar Series that prepares young women to enter the job market with confidence 

  • 2020: Retrospective

    We released the ImpactHER report that highlighted our impact and successes across our initiatives  

  • 2019: New Beginnings

    We launched our flagship programme InspireMe that connects young women with female mentors in top tier companies  

  • 2019: Growth

    We officially became a Google Partner, crowdfunded over £5,000, and impacted the lives of over 700 young women across the U.K. 

  • 2018: Pioneer and Relationship Building

    We launched our first thinkHER ambition Summit #MyFutureCounts, built relationships with 10 schools and collaborated with 6 corporate organisations

Empowering Young Women Today to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders  

thinkHER ambition exists for young women aged 14- 21 to develop their skills and empower them to become next generation leaders. It doesn’t matter where they come from or what their background is, we work to make sure that we deliver the most impactful experiences to them.   

Through our flagship programme InspireMe, we connect young women with female mentors who equip them with life and professional skill sets and connect them to life changing opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to close all educational gaps and guarantee her a brighter future.  

Having launched in 2018, we have impacted the lives of over 2000 young women to-date and we would love you to be part of this amazing community. When you join our community, our priority is to help you achieve the zenith of your personal and professional goals. 

Personal Development

We help young women identify their talents, harness their skills and maximise them to their full potential

Life Skills

 We provide young women with tools to think critically, make well-informed decisions and communicate effectively

Professional Development

We equip the thinkHER ambition tribe with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in their career

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The Team

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