The InspireMe Mentoring Programme



In collobration with Unilever, we first piloted this programme in October 2019. Over the course of 7 months, 6 female students were each paired with a mentor from the Unilever Women in Tech (WIT) community. Mentees and mentors met monthly in either a group or 1-1 setting at the Unilever offices, where they focused on topics such as careers, personal development and academic success.

Due to the success of this pilot, we decided to expand the programme. In September 2020, we officially launched the InspireMe Mentoring Programme. A 10-month programme where 36 young women across the U.K. have been paired with mentors from various Unilever departments.

Our research has found that 31% of the young women that we engage with would not consider themselves to be leaders in the future and 56% of them are not confident in their public speaking abilities. The aim of this programme is to connect young women with mentors that will inspire and encourage them to aim higher whilst giving them the tools and resources to do so. We want to give young women the opportunity to learn from those who have gone ahead of them and create a new generation who are confident in tackling any challenges that they face, especially gender disparity.

Exceptional Achievements

90% of pilot attendees responded that they felt more confident after completing the programme

All mentees are now aware of the of STEM related career paths available to them

All mentors are 100% committed and dedicated to their mentees and have gone above and beyond to help them develop as individuals

Mentees have enhanced their various soft skills, including networking, communication, presenting, personal branding and more

Next Steps

This programme is run each academic year and the next cohort will be for the 2021 - 2022 academic year. If you are aged between 17 - 20 and would like to be on the next InspireMe cohort, then subscribe to our mailing list so that you have first access to applications when they are released in summer.

If you are interested in becoming our Corporate Partner and believe that your employees would be great mentors then this programme would be perfect for your organisation. Please do get in touch by emailing us at with The InspireMe Mentoring Programme as the subject line.

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