Mentoring Programme

Together with Unilever we developed this 7 month programme to inspire, encourage and develop 6 female students who are aged between 14 – 15. Each student is paired with a Unilever employee from the Unilever WIT (Women in Tech) community.

Mentors and mentees meet monthly, in either a group or 1-1 setting, at the Unilever offices. Together with the Unilever mentors we have developed content that has since focused on a diverse range of topics including goal setting, personalities and product development.

Our aim is not only to inspire these young females but also highlight the different opportunities available to them in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) sector.

Exceptional Achievement

Our mid-programme evaluation reported that the mentees:

Are really enjoying the programme

Now believe that they could one day work for companies like Unilever

Are now more aware of Apprenticeship Schemes, most notably the Unilever Apprenticeship

Have increased their self-confidence and feel more confident in public speaking

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