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Speed Dating: Black History Month

Happy Black History Month Ladies! 

There are various ways you can celebrate this month but, in this post, you are about to go on a few speed dates…(speed learning dates). So, get ready to meet 4 phenomenal Black Women who have all made exceptional contributions to our world! 

Meet Dr. Shirley Jackson 

  • Born on the 5th August 1946
  • She was the first African American woman to be awarded a doctorate in Nuclear Physics at the world leading university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • She also conducted research which made it possible for others to invent things such as the fiber-optic cable, Caller-ID, and portable fax

Meet Marie Van Brittan Brown

  • She was born on 30th October 1922
  • She lived in New York which was a city riddled with crime during those times 
  • In hopes to make her house safer, she created the Home Security System
  • The system had a microphone which enabled communication with visitors at the door, a camera which was connected to the television to display the footage and it also had an alert button which would immediately signal a nearby security firm
  • Our Modern Home Security Systems are built upon this model

 Meet Maya Angelou

Poet Maya Angelou dies at age 86
  • She was born on April 4th 1928
  • She wrote the notable novel ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings’ which was inspired by her childhood in the Jim Crow South 
  • Her book was incredibly successful and sold over 1 million copies
  • She heavily influenced the literature that we know today

Meet Madam C.J. Walker 

  • Born on December 23rd, 1867
  • She was one of the first African American women to become a self-made millionaire
  • After suffering from hair loss, she made her own hair products which were so effective that she decided to sell them
  • Her manufacturing company still stands today, and her brand has collaborated with other cosmetic brands like Sephora

These are just a few of the many Black Women who have contributed greatly to society. Each faced various obstacles but were able to rise above them, resulting in them creating positive and innovative change around the world.  That is how you should lead your life too. Wherever your interests and talents lie, you can make a huge impact. Obstacles will present themselves but just remember there is nothing you cannot overcome!

Written by Syah
Syah is from London. Through the thinkHER ambition, she aims for her posts to inspire and educate you! She also has her very own blog where she shares her thoughts and opinions on various topics like plastic surgery and pop culture. You can find her at!

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