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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I am sure you are all thinking, why would I want to do something that is not in my comfort zone?

I get it. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be a little scary but you should be pleased to know that there are so many benefits that come with it. 

Just think of it like this. If you never leave your comfort zone you will never be able to learn or experience new things. So technically by staying in your comfort zone, you are doing yourself a disservice. Still not convinced yet? 

Okay, here are some reasons why you need to step out of your comfort zone: 

Personal Growth:

By stepping out of your comfort zone, you will be able to grow as an individual. If you never challenge yourself you will never be able to learn anything new. That means that you will be on the same level forever! And I am sure you don’t want that for yourself. 

Whilst it may feel unnatural to step out of your comfort zone, over time you will get better at it and soon enough you will level up and have the ability to do something that you couldn’t do or were too afraid to do before.

It won’t be as bad as you think:

Have you ever said that you wouldn’t like a certain type of food only to find that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be when you tried it? 

This may be a strange way to explain it but, you will probably have the same experience when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, the very thing that you are avoiding will turn out to be the very thing you love. All you need to do is give it a chance!

You will learn more about yourself as an individual: 

By experiencing new things you’ll find that you will learn so much more about yourself. It will help you to discover your strengths and weaknesses and it will also help you to have a better idea about your interests.

Just remember that stepping out of your comfort zone will always be beneficial. Whilst challenging yourself can be slightly uncomfortable at first, eventually you will get the hang of it. The best part is when you try new things, you will be shocked to see that you were actually capable of doing things you thought you couldn’t do!

Please don’t limit yourself. You are more than able to do anything you put your mind to. So, go ahead and join that club, write that book, make new friends, enter the competition and step out of your comfort zone! 

What’s the worst that can happen? 

Written by Syah

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