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The Story of An Aspiring Filmmaker

Over the past 2 years, thinkHER ambition has put on a range of events and workshops that I have frequently attended. These events/workshops have never always allowed me to gain new knowledge about different career sectors and I have always left each event feeling proud and inspired to be a young, ethnic female working towards achieving my future goals and aspirations.

At thinkHER’s most recent event #ChallengeHER, attendees were tasked with solving challenge statements and pitching their ideas back to a group of judges, I was given the opportunity to film the day. This allowed me to gain my first experience working with a real client, producing a product for them and managing their expectations.

Although already having a videographer arranged for the day the thinkHER ambition team still allowed me to work alongside him and film my own content for the day. Working alongside an industry professional helped me to gain new knowledge, develop new skills and learn first hand about what it takes to be an independent filmmaker inclusive of building your own business and personal brand. It allowed me to gain experience as an aspiring filmmaker, something that I am truly grateful for. thinkHER ambition has always provided young women like myself with opportunities like this and will continue to do so. 

 As an attendee as well as someone who has now worked with thinkHER ambition and the team I can say that the organisation not only has a positive and enlightening impact on the young females who attend the events or workshops,  but also the people who are invited to speak to the attendees and those who are part of the thinkHER team. Every event is different and every event you attend you learn something new about the world and about yourself.

However I can say that one thing is always the same, the empowerment and encouragement from thinkHER ambition that young females should strive and aim for nothing but greatness. We should acknowledge that we are the next generation of female leaders both today, tomorrow, the next day and forever more. 

Written by Kulthum Mohamed 


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