was designed to support the next generation of female leaders by providing online curated content and materials to ensure that the thinkHER tribe have a head start in this ever-changing world.

HERWebinar Series 2


This online weekly webseries covers a range of topics, such as Personal Branding, CV Workshops and Networking

The Insight Series

was designed to provide further insight into various industries whilst simultaneously developing useful skill sets that are specific to the career path focused upon.



This workshop focused on providing a better understanding of different digital career paths and upskilling the thinkHER tribe with broad digital skills
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This workshop was designed to provide insight into life at Facebook. It explored broad skill sets needed for different departments and promoted the new Facebook Apprenticeship scheme


This workshop was in collaboration with University College London to promote STEM careers and make students aware of the different opportunities in Research and Academia
  • thinkHER Tribe

    "I never knew research and global health could be so interesting, thank you for opening my eyes"

    thinkHER Tribe
  • thinkHER Tribe

    "I loved learning about UX and UI, I am definitely considering this a potential career path now"

    thinkHER Tribe
  • thinkHER Tribe

    "I loved learning about the importance of personal branding and now I know how to make a good video with an iPhone"

    thinkHER Tribe
  • thinkHER Tribe

    "Really enjoyed this workshop and the frequency of breaks, I have been positively impacted by this experience"

    thinkHER Tribe
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