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What is this?

HERWebinar is a digital workshop series run throughout the year that aims to help the thinkHER tribe have a head start in this ever-changing world

HERWebinar – Year End Workshop

To understand and learn various goal setting techniques that will aid in achieving personal, academic, and professional goals.

Participants explored:

  • The importance of self-reflection
  • What goal setting is
  • Different types of goals and goal setting techniques
  • Roadmap planning techniques and how it aligns with goal setting

Participants were also encouraged to set S.M.A.R.T Goals and/or create a roadmap within the session. They then shared this with the wider group which facilitated a healthy discussion on goal setting, vision boards and planning for the future.

HERWebinar – Series 2

A series of 4 interactive workshops that would give participants an understanding on how to best market themselves effectively both in person and online.

4 workshops over 4 weeks that covered:

  • Personal Branding – What a Personal Brand is, how to create one and how to use resources to promote this brand to others
  • LinkedIn – What LinkedIn is, how to build a profile that stands out, how to find opportunities and how to gain real value from LinkedIn
  • Networking – What Networking is, how to network both in person and online, how to gain value from networking and how to utilise and expand your network
  • Interviews – Understanding the different types of interviews, how to research and prepare for interviews, how to conduct yourself in an interview and how to build rapport with your interviewers

Participants were also challenged to create and share their elevator pitches within the sessions, thus providing them with experience in presenting.

HERWebinar – Series 1

A series of 4 interactive workshops that would give participants an understanding of what is required to be a stand-out applicant in job market.

4 workshops over 4 weeks that covered:

  • CV – What a CV is and how to create one that stands out to a future employer
  • Personal Development – Understanding the importance of personal development, and the different personal development techniques
  • Applications – Understanding the different types of job applications, assessment categories, what a cover letter is and how to write a memorable cover letter

Careers – Participants heard from guest speakers that were professionals in the following industries: technology, law and consultancy

Participants were encouraged to network with the professionals that dropped in to sessions, throughout the series, to share knowledge and best practices.

Ongoing Exceptional Achievements

  • Over 100+ sign ups on Eventbrite
  • 100% participation from all attendees in each workshop
  • 85% retention rate throughout each workshop
  • Continuously described as “useful, engaging and interactive”