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Insight Series

What is this?

Workshops that provide a useful and practical way of developing career-specific skill sets whilst showcasing the different career paths and opportunities available to the thinkHER tribe


This exciting workshop provided the opportunity for young women to gain insight into Facebook. In an ever-competitive world individuals seek to understand how they can stand out of the crowd especially when applying for top tech companies.

Young women from London, Kent and Oxford were introduced to Facebook and Instagram and participated in the following

Sessions:1 – Marketing & Advertising

2 – Recruitment at FB ‘Building your brand & portfolio’

3 – Life@FB Panel

4 – IG Story School

5 – Manal Rostom ‘Breaking Barriers via Surviving Hijab’ and Q&A

Participants left Facebook with the knowledge of how advertising drives Facebook revenues and what’s in it for brands, how to make Instagram work for them, how to build a personal brand and how to embrace their individuality.

Facebook & Instagram


thinkHER ambition collaborated with University College London’s Global Health Department to create a workshop that focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and promoted careers in Research and/or Academia.

Young women from across London and Kent were introduced to Global Health and gained knowledge into the participation of community action research to solve sanitation problems, whilst also learning about Global Health Innovation. In addition to this, the participants were able to gain insight into how mathematics can be used to solve practical problems.

Sessions:1 – Introduction to Global Health Session

2 – Mathematical Modelling Session

3 – Information Research Session

4 – Empowerment Session

5 – Innovation in Global Health

Asma Ashraf, from the Centre of Gender and Global Health, delivered an empowering keynote speech where she shared her journey with the attendees.

UCL (University College London)


In order to ensure thinkHER ambition are contributing to closing the digital skills gap in the UK, we collaborated with General Assembly who are pioneers in education and career transformation.

Young women from across London and Kent were introduced to the digital technological world.

Sessions:1 – User Experience

2 – Digital Marketing

The User Experience workshop explored the difference between UX and UI, the importance of both and how to create products that have a great UI.

Representatives from General Assembly explored the different career paths available in the Digital Marketing industry, helping to close their knowledge gaps, so that they can navigate through it effectively.

General Assembly London


The world young women find themselves in is rapidly changing, with huge new opportunities that are not always easily accessible. YouTube has quickly become a career destination that many young women are engaged with, however, do not have access to or lack the information and necessary skills needed to make their dreams become a reality. thinkHER ambition partnered with YouTube to help young women understand and develop skill sets needed for a successful YouTube career.

Young women from across London and Kent were introduced to the world of YouTube and learnt about the different jobs available at YouTube.

Sessions:1 – Ideation and Content Creation

2 – Video Editing

3 – Personal Branding

4 – Social Media

Participants were encouraged to become ideators and innovators in order to create engaging and interesting YouTube content. They learnt about the different tools that they could use to successfully edit videos on an iPhone such as iMovie, Slice, and Inshot.

Participants were also taught about personal branding and how they can create and sustain a personal brand both in person and online. Lastly, they explored the different social media platforms and how to use them in an appropriate manner that is beneficial to both their personal and YouTube brand.

Google & YouTube